Like me, you most likely spend a good chunk of your day daydreaming about biting into a juicy burger or slurping down the perfect bowl of ramen. So when the time comes and you need to rally your friends to get something to eat, why not try using one of the following expressions to tell them just how hungry you are:



Informal – Very Hungry


This is an informal way of saying that you are very hungry. Like you could eat twenty Buffalo wings and a basket of fries hungry. A typical conversation might go something like this:


A: Hey man! Let’s go get something to eat. I’m starving.  

B: Same, how about Chinese food?

A: Good idea



To crave : to desire something strongly


We say, “ I’m craving chocolate” when we really want chocolate and only chocolate, because without it life wouldn’t be complete. An everyday interaction would sound something like this:


A: I’m craving ice cream right now. Doesn’t that sound good?

B: For sure, have you been to Ample Hills Creamery yet? They have the best ice-cream. I love their honey ice cream.

A: I can’t wait to try it. Let’s go!


Very informal – feelings of hunger

Munchies: small, light food eaten between meals, at a party, etc.

This one is mostly reserved for those under the influence of a certain natural plant. A common conversation might go something like this:


A: Hey, let’s go to the 7/11 and pick up some snacks. I’ve got the munchies.

B: I’m down. Can we take your car? Mine is still in the shop.

A: No problem. Just don’t rub your Cheetos fingers on my seat.



Informal: irritable or angry because of hunger


You made plans to get Mexican food with your friends. They told you that they would meet you at the taco spot at noon. It’s been an hour and you’re still waiting around. Your stomach is starting to rumble and you think you might assault the next stranger who passes by. You are hangry. Hangry is the precise moment when hunger and anger merge together to form a new super feeling, one that we’ve all experienced in our lives. Let’s see how it’s used:


A: If we don’t leave and get lunch soon, I’m going to become very hangry.

B: Ok ok, I’ll be ready in a minute


Peckish: Slightly hungry


We say this when we are hungry but not really in the mood for a whole meal. Think chips and guacamole, crackers and cheese, and other finger foods. A typical conversation might sound like this:


A: Are you hungry? I could go for a pizza.

B: I’m feeling a little peckish. I might just eat some carrots and hummus.

A: Ok, but don’t  beg me for a slice of my pizza later.

Here are a few more ways to express your desire for burritos, steak, and gyros

  • I’m so hungry I could eat a (horse, cow, elephant ) : used to say that you are extremely hungry

  • Ravenous: extremely hungry

  • I’m as hungry as a wolf: very hungry




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By Cory Keny

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