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5 Hidden Treasures of NYC

Like a surprise buried at the bottom of a cereal box, NYC has its fair share of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Instead of spending your time in lengthy lines chock-full of tourists, check out these great off-the-beaten track destinations.


Red Hook

This Brooklyn nabe feels miles away from the daily grind of life in the city. With its cobbled streets, salty tenants, and waterfront views, this neighborhood has a small, New England town vibe. With a mix of both new and long-standing businesses, Red Hook maintains a unique charm that distinguishes it from other Brooklyn neighborhoods. Pop into to Sunny’s for a cool brew, pick up a delicious pie from Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies, and enjoy while watching the sunset from Valentino Pier.


The Noguchi Museum









Located in Astoria, this museum is a wonderful respite from the crowded museums of Manhattan. The Noguchi Museum celebrates the life and work of Isamu Noguchi, an influential sculptor of the 20th century. The gallery and serene garden were created by Noguchi himself, lending this museum an intimate atmosphere that you just won’t find at larger museums in the city.

Greenacre Park









Sip on a cup of coffee and let your mind wander as you listen to the soothing sounds of a crashing waterfall hidden in the heart of New York City. This secret garden is the perfect place to take a breather and escape the hustle and bustle of midtown


Greenwood Cemetery










This grand cemetery situated in south Brooklyn is worth the trek. The Gothic archway located at the entrance is one of the most astounding examples of Gothic architecture in NYC. Colorful parakeets can be found perched on tombstones and nestled in the trees of this historic cemetery. Maps are available for those who wish to seek out the final resting points of renowned artists, notorious criminals, and cultural icons.  


Staten Island Boat Graveyard








Pay your respects to over a hundred sunken vessels of the sea. You’ll want to take a camera with you when exploring this graveyard of half sunken ships and rusty relics of the sea. Make sure to wear sturdy shoes and get a Tetanus shot before exploring this maritime morgue.