Earlier this year BSL launched “English Outdoors“, a new concept allowing students to study English in famous outdoor locations all over the city. The idea was born out of necessity, to offer an alternative to crowded and stuffy classrooms during the pandemic, but it is also a great new way to mix learning English and visiting the city.

Since we started English Outdoors in May, we have welcomed students of all ages (from 19 to 57 years old exactly) and from all corners of the world (France, Belgium, Japan, Peru, Guatemala, Mexico…) and they all agree that English Outdoors has been a great experience for them, innovative and fun.

So we have compiled the 5 reasons to choose English Outdoors for your next course, in their own words.

1. You study differently.
“It is great to be outside and not always in a classroom especially when the weather is as great as in NYC.” Cloe Dufour, France, 22 

“We can start conversation casually on the way to the location for the class.” Yusuke Hashimoto, Japan, 45

“At first I chose the program due to COVID but then the outdoors concept caught my attention. When I’m in an open space I feel more relaxed and motivated to learn.” Vianeth Ruiz, Guatemala, 35

“I can speak freely with teachers outside and I am not required to wear a mask.” Kan Motumora, Japan, 35  

“I feel the distance between the teacher and me get closer, and we can learn more English at a closer distance. I couldn’t experience it in other classes. I can easily talk to the teacher and proactively start a conversation.” Rika Motumora, Japan, 32

2. You learn more about NYC.
“We talk about the place where we are, the events that happen while we are here. We wouldn’t do that in a regular classroom.” Cloe Dufour, France, 22 

“Various places for the classes have different history and conditions which give us more stimulation.” Yusuke Hashimoto, Japan, 45

“The biggest reason why I like outdoor class is that we are able to talk about culture in the US. There are many types of people outside so we are able to ask the teacher quickly when we have questions.” Kan Motumora, Japan, 35

3. You discover places you wouldn’t see otherwise.
“It is a good way to learn more about the city and an opportunity to go to places where I maybe wouldn’t have been to without school.”  Cloe Dufour, France, 22   

“We can talk about the city and the park that we visit. It is a lot of fun!” Kan Motumora, Japan, 35

4. The teachers are great at teaching outdoors.
“Ashley is a very good teacher. She is willing to help and give more explanations if needed and makes sure everyone understands. She’s also very available, even after class. I learned a lot of new expressions and vocabulary.”  Cloe Dufour, France, 22 

“I like the teacher, she is making efforts as much as possible and not teaching in a businesslike way.” Yusuke Hashimoto, Japan, 45

“I like the outdoors concept and it’s also important to mention that the book is really good and the TED talks are so interesting and helpful for me.” Vianeth Ruiz, Guatemala, 35

“My teacher is very good, she deeply knows how to teach English and knows the mistakes that students often make.” Kan Motumora, Japan, 35

“My teachers are very nice, they always ask a lot of questions and we practice daily conversation. Their explanations are very easy to understand.” Rika Motumora, Japan, 32

5. It is the perfect mix between studying and tourism!

“I chose English Outdoors because I am also here to visit the city and it is a good mix between learning English and visiting Manhattan and Brooklyn.” Cloe Dufour, France, 22   

“Every day you have a different scenario to learn English and at the same time you can explore the city. You never get bored.” Vianeth Ruiz, Guatemala, 35

So what are you waiting for? Book your English Outdoors course with BSL now!

See you soon in Brooklyn.