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5 Ways to Get Into The Halloween Spirit in NYC

Pumpkins have taken over the stoops and costume shops are beginning to look a lot like post-apocalyptic grocery stores. New Yorkers certainly aren’t afraid (hehe) to show their love for all things Halloween. Whether that be sipping green cocktails served from Beetlejuice himself or roaming the grounds of a haunted apartment building, we’ve got a few places around town to help you get into the Halloween spirit:



The brainchild of a guy who wasn’t allowed to celebrate Halloween as a kid, BeetleHouse is where Halloween lives on long after Oct 31. Expect to see costumes, props, and pretty much anything Tim Burton-related at this LES haunt (hehe). If you’re going for dinner, make sure to reserve a table online. Otherwise, just pop in and sip on a Bio-Exorcism cocktail til your tongue turns neon green.








Merchant House Ghost Tour (OCT 28-30)

Step into the doors of a home frozen in time for an equal parts eerie and campy candlelight ghost tour. As the floorboards creak and the wind rattles the windows, you’ll be enveloped by the tales of the restless spirits of Old New York ($40).







Mahaloween At The Polynesian (Oct 31)

Halloween meets the tropics for a Mahaloween celebration at The Polynesian, a rooftop tiki lounge in the heart of the city. If you’ve always wanted to be a zombie mermaid, now’s your chance! Costume winners are sure to go home home with some serious booty.  Enjoy an open bar, snacks, and games from 7pm to Midnight ($98).







Village Halloween Parade

Join the thousands of witches, zombies, and other creatures of the night that gather for one of city’s best processions, The Village Halloween Parade. With plenty of costume shops in Gotham, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t join in on the fun.


Hitchcocktober (OCT 31)

Make your way to the Village East Cinema to catch some of Hitchcock’s most spine-chilling films on the silver screen. Just make sure not to bring your little brother along unless you want him to develop an irrational fear of showers or pigeons. Psycho will be screening on Halloween at 9pm.



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