Brooklyn is one of the most famous and important boroughs in New York City. It is known for its artsy feeling, its diversity, and its community.

But one of the key facts about this borough is its fast growth and development. This borough has gone through a lot of changes and it has grown into one of the most famous places in New York… with some of the most famous neighborhoods; like Williamsburg, Greenpoint, or Coney Island. But I am sure there is still a lot for you to discover about it.

Follow along for some fascinating facts about this wonderful borough and remember to check our calendar of events happening here to stay up to date with the real Brooklyn!

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  • Brooklyn has been the birthplace for many random inventions. Some things invented in Brooklyn include the deep-fried twinkie – a crazy and incredibly amazing sweet,  sweet & low – an alternative to saccharine, teddy bears, America’s first roller coaster, the first hot dog – in Coney Island, and in 1946 the first bank credit card was used at Flatbush National Bank!
  • In order to check its resistance, P. T. Barnum, the founder of the Barnum & Bailey Circus, along with 21 elephants crossed the Brooklyn Bridge in 1887. If you want to find out more about his story, you should definitely watch The Greatest Showman!
  • Settled as a farming village by the dutch, in the early 1600s, Brooklyn was called Breuckelen. That is why many cafés and shops in the borough use this name! 
  • Brooklyn is home for more than 700 arts and cultural institutions. Some of the most famous ones include the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Brooklyn Museum, Greenpoint Terminal Gallery, Pratt Institute, or the Theatre for a New Audience.
  • Brooklyn was once the “Coffee Capital”, and by 1906, about 25 million pounds of coffee a month were roasted at the Arbuckle Brothers coffee factory on John Street, in Downtown Brooklyn.
  •  A few decades before President Obama took up residence in the White House, he lived a half a block from Prospect Park on the top floor of a brownstone on Second Street with his former girlfriend. If you are ever in Brooklyn, make sure you pay Prospect Park a visit. It was designed by the same people as Central Park and it is definitely one of the most beautiful and relaxing places in the city. 
  •  Brooklyn’s official motto is “Een Draght Mackt Maght, which translates from early Dutch to, “Unity makes strength.” Definitely needed in these times!
  • Almost 40% of current Brooklynites are foreign-born. If you come here, you will feel like home, and you will be surrounded by people from all over the world. The best of both worlds…

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