We all have those moments when we feel like the city is swallowing us up. Just another crunchy coffee-flavored snack for the concrete beast. But it’s never too late to take up arms and fight back. Step one, take a deep breath. Step two, think about the funny noise those bright tubular sticks make when you turn them upside down. Step three, if you don’t know what I’m talking about in step 2, google ‘groan tube’. And the final step is to take some time to chill out and ignore the Internet’s hypnotic powers. To help you do so, we’ve got a few wellness spots around town for you to visit when you need to refresh your batteries:



Woom Center, Nolita

The concept for this wellness center revolves around the five senses and the idea that stimulating your senses is the key to putting your mind at ease. So if you’ve never really been attracted to sound deprivation and bare walls, Woom might be the perfect fit for you. ‘Eexpriences’ include sound meditation, sensory yoga, and breath journeys complete with trippy wall projections and aromatherapy. It’s a far cry from the sweaty incense filled yoga studios of yore and and definitely worth checking out.

Cafe and shop at Woom Center








Maha Rose, Greenpoint  

Maha Rose is Brooklyn’s undisputed mecca of wellness. You can do anything your heart desires, including relaxing sound baths, therapeutic astrology healing, and restorative acupuncture sections.  Why not sweat it out in their sauna or learn about the healing powers of those crystals your roommate got you for your birthday? And if you’d rather just get out of town, you can join one of their popular Catskills retreats.





Chill Space, Midtown

Everybody has a friend of a friend who has praised the powers of a sensory deprivation tank. You too can be that person. Float your way to peace and serenity in your very own soundproof private room at this wellness spa. Or if you’re a fan of cold showers and polar bear plunges, you can blast yourself with the pulsations of nitrogen mist at a temperature of -220 degrees Fahrenheit in The Cryosauna. Very chill.




Higher Dose,  Manhattan

The slogan for this spot is “get high naturally.”  In order to do so, they recommend chromotherapy or color therapy. Step into your own full body light therapy bed and shower yourself in infrared, orange, green and yellow waves. If you’ve ever experienced SAD (seasonal affective disorder), a trip here will certainly give you that much needed dose of light your body craves.




HealHaus, Clinton Hill

Doubling as a cafe and wellness space, HealHaus offers an array of daily classes. Bend as the Egyptian gods and goddesses once did in their Kemetic yoga class, meditate in their amazing backyard deck, or just pop in for a seasonal smoothie or matcha tea. The perfect place for a day of relaxation and invigoration.






Wellness Shops

Earth Speaks, Brooklyn Heights

“Neighborhood happy place, organic apothecary, wonderland of handcrafted and unique treasures.” -Earth Speaks 

Naturopathica, Chelsea

“For both an apothecary-style vitality bar that serves herbal tonics, elixirs, and teas based on the principles of Ayurvedic, Chinese, and American folk medicine, and a remedy bar with loose teas and herbs, look no further than Naturopathica” – Departures

Cap Beauty, West Village

“CAP stands for “clean and pure,” which describes everything you’ll find at this tightly curated shop in the West Village. The gang’s all here as far as clean beauty brands go—they carry Kjaer Weis, Odacité, Tata Harper, and a great selection of dusts and potions from brands like Moon Juice, Four Sigma Foods, and Urban Moonshine.”- Goop

Rock Star Crystals, Mid Town

“We feature New York City’s best collection of Crystals, Minerals, Mineral Specimens, Rocks
Gemstones, Jewelry, Fossils, Meteorites, Shells and Metaphysical Tools.” -Rock Star Crystals

Warm, Nolita

“This store has great natural beauty products and fragrances, as well as ethical fashion and artisan objects.” -Vogue


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By Cory Keny 

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