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It will come as a surprise to no one to learn that in recent decades, English has become the global language of business. Therefore, whether you run a multinational corporation or send a single English-language newsletter per month, business English is a crucial tool for anyone looking to succeed in the global workplace.

While general English classes tend to focus more on how to speak and use a new language, business English classes are targeted to specific business skills needed in professional contexts. Student who decide to take a business English class here in New York get the benefit of integrated skills classes while learning how to give presentations, send emails with the right implied tone, master financial jargon, write a good business plan, manage meetings, and other real-world task-based applications where students learn by doing.

In addition to the clear practicality of taking a business English class in a global powerhouse like New York, learning business English in NYC helps students develop the cross-cultural knowledge they need to communicate and succeed in a globalized business world. The vast majority of language learners taking a business English class will undoubtedly interact with other non-native English speakers on a daily basis. Therefore, this ability to communicate in English across cultures and in different business contexts is what distinguishes a business English course from a general English course.

Students leave the Brooklyn School of Languages business English class here in New York equipped with a specific set of skills that allows them to thrive professionally both back in their home country, and across a diverse array of cultures.

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