Adult English Courses

Every student who decides to take an English course to improve their language skills has the same question: what’s the best way to make progress?

The answer, however, is quite simple: motivation to establish relationships with English speakers. Whether it’s an online program where students receive individual attention from a teacher via Skype, or an immersive language learning course here in New York complete with activities and field trips, motivation to talk to and learn about English speakers, their language, their culture, and most importantly, their lives, holds the key to real student progression.

Of course, the chance to take a learn English in New York provides its own type of motivation. Nonetheless, it’s the quality of human connections that count. Research has shown that it is not the length of stay itself in a city like New York that boosts student progression, but is instead the learner motivation to establish deep and lasting relationships in English. The great benefit of learning English in a city like New York is that very potential to establish relationships with native speakers whether in the form of teachers, staff, host families, or the citizens bustling about.

Whether it’s an evening at a cozy bar flirting or making new friends, a host family dinner that winds into the early morning hours, or the excitement of discovering shared interests with a favorite teacher here in New York, the quality of the human connections that language learners form with native speakers have the single greatest effect on English progression.


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