Enrichment Classes take place in the afternoons at BSL and are a really great opportunity to work on fluency and conversation skills for your ​English classes in New York. Although we do work on and practice speaking skills during our standard program morning classes, the Enrichment class is really the place where we ONLY focus on speaking, pronunciation and vocabulary development. You are sure to get a lot of practice working together in discussion with your classmates.​

Each week the course has a different topic of discussion which is focused on some part of life in New York City. For example, we discuss topics like Art in NYC, American Slang, and NYC Architecture just to name a few. The benefit of taking an Enrichment class is that you have extra time to work on your fluency skills and develop good conversation skills by engaging in meaningful discussion with your classmates.

As a teacher of the Enrichment class I see this course as a great way to improve your communicative competence, overall fluency and language development. The activities that I generally choose for the Enrichment class require discussion and collaboration. Sometimes we work on just conversation, sometimes we prepare mini oral presentations in groups or other times we watch a video and respond to it by a group discussion. In my opinion the combination of the standard morning program with the extra time spent with your classmates in the Enrichment class will only improve your conversation skills.

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