Centered around a historic park dotted with the trees of fairy tales, Fort Greene is home to picture-perfect brownstones, an array of cafes and restaurants, and several beacons of Brooklyn culture. While you may not be able to afford an apartment in this sought-after neighborhood, you can still enjoy a stroll along the tree-lined streets while checking out the local hang-outs. Here’s one way to spend a good day in Fort Greene:

Grab a coffee and a pastry from BitterSweet

This tiny bustling cafe has a wide selection of tasty baked goods, finger sandwiches, and caffeinated concoctions, including mouth-watering cinnamon rolls, delicious baguette sandwiches, and giant DOUGH donuts. Do expect to see lots of Instagrammable dogs, but don’t expect to find a place to sit. Instead, just walk across the street to Fort Greene Park and enjoy your breakfast under the shade of a Saucer Magnolia or Sugar Maple tree.

Enjoy a Leisurely Walk Through The Park

Photo by Craig Garrrison

Dotted with majestic trees and bright tulips, this is the perfect place to disconnect. Sit in the shade of an English Elm, get your dog (and people) watch on, and live your best life.  For you history buffs out there, don’t forget to climb the hill and check out the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument, an impressive 149 ft Doric column dedicated to the thousands of American soldiers who died in captivity aboard sixteen British prison ships during the American Revolutionary War. After soaking up all that history, wander the meandering paths down to the farmers market (Saturday Only) on the Southeast corner of the park. I recommend picking up a bottle of local hard cider!


Time for Lunch 

Hungry? Walter’s is always a great choice. The menu is what you’d expect to find at a neighborhood bistro: sandwiches with fries, a few tasty salad options, and of course, a juicy burger. If they happen to be serving their famous meatballs when you go, definitely get some.

In the summer, most people flock to Habana Outpost to sit outside and indulge in tacos and margaritas. The waits can be a little long, but the music keeps you going and there’s really no other place like it in Fort Greene.

For a quick bite, you can always grab a slice of pizza from Lean Crust. They also have vegan or gluten-free pizza that doesn’t taste like discarded cardboard, so that’s cool.

Do A Little Shopping

Established in 1977, UrbanGlass is both a functioning studio space and gallery/shop devoted to all things glass. The exhibition space and shop are free to enter and worth spending some time perusing. The shop is full of locally made glass items, including some awesome watermelon tumblers (gift for myself), imaginative light fixtures, and handmade jewelry.


If you’re in need of a new book or just want to get ideas for your Amazon cart, pay a visit to Greenlight Bookstore on Fulton. They have a wide selection of titles, including both bestsellers and independent releases. Plus, staff picks are always 15% off!

Catch a Show at BAM

Brooklyn Academy of Music is a 150-year old cultural haven with a lot going on. Whether you’re up for a live dance or opera performance or you just want to sink into a cinema chair and eat popcorn all day, there’s plenty to keep you entertained.

Have A Round of Drinks  

If the sound of giant mugs of beer clinking makes your ears perk up, make your way to DSK, an unpretentious German beer hall with–you guessed it–a lot of beer, plus tasty giant pretzels, sausages, and all the salty fixings. If cocktails are more your speed, Dick and Janes has got you covered. It’s rarely noisy, dimly lit, and you’ll most likely find a place to sit.

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By Cory Keny

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