So it’s that time of year again! Cherry blossoms are blooming and the sun graces us with it’s glorious presence. Like me, you probably enjoy a nice Spring picnic. Despite being in the concrete jungle, there is no lack of green space in NYC to spread your checked blanket and indulge in some stinky cheese with your pals. So pack your snacks, conceal your booze, and head off to these 5 great picnic spots.



1.Brooklyn Bridge Park

One of the true gems of Brooklyn, this park has it all. Spectacular skyline views, gorgeous gardens, and that perfect riverfront breeze. Make your way down to Pier 6 via Atlantic Ave, find that perfect spot and enjoy this riverfront oasis. Pro tip – Stop by Sahidi’s on Atlantic to pick up some delicious Middle Eastern treats before heading down to the park.


2. Lighthouse Park, Roosevelt island

What’s more New England than a lighthouse? This picturesque park is centered around a beautiful 19th century gothic-style lighthouse. Spread your blanket, pop open your basket(tote bag) and soak up those rays. Make sure your phone is charged up, you’ll want to snap some pics!


3. Prospect Park 

DNHXEE Pond and boathouse at the Audubon Center, Prospect Park

A retreat from the bustle of Brooklyn, Prospect Park has long been a favorite of those seeking to unwind and get that much needed dose of nature. My personal favorite spot to perch is on the green grass near the Boathouse/Audubon center, an eye catching Beaux Arts landmark. As you nibble on your sandwiches, watch a white swan drift slowly across the pond.



4. Fort Greene Park

A lovely neighborhood park dotted with majestic trees and bright tulips, this is the perfect place to set up shop. Sit in the shade, get your dog watch on and live your best life. Make sure to stop by the visitor center to learn more about the rich history of this park.


5. Fort Tryon Park

If you really want to get away from the sound of sirens and honking horns, take the A train up to this grand park situated next to the Hudson River. With unmatched views of the Hudson and Washington Bridge, you’ll feel as if you’ve stumbled into a postcard. Not many tourists make the trek up here, so you’ll have plenty of peace and quiet to sip your Martinelli’s and enjoy your picnic feast al-fresco.



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