New York might seem far away right now, but there are still many ways of getting to know the city from home, as we told you in our previous post. And for those of you who need more, we still have some more ideas for you to become a real New Yorker and expand your New York slang from the comfort of your sofa. 

Since pandemic started, I have been working out my thumbs quite a lot scrolling down my phone. Social media has saved me from becoming crazy. And I started following people from all over the city to help me survive quarantine and discover the city from other perspectives. 

Here are some of my favourite influencers still in the city. I am sure they will inspire you as well as they inspired me and they will help you develop your New Yorker vocabulary….

Grace Atwood, based in Brooklyn, she writes The Stripe, a fashion and lifestyle blog for bookworms. If you like fashion, books, people, and cats, this is your place to be, directly from Brooklyn. And if you like it, you can also check her amazing podcast, her Instagram or her 73 questions video.

Sai de Silva, digital marketing professional, mother of 2 and native New Yorker, writes Scout the City and will take you on an exciting trip to the incredible New York. With Puerto Rican heritage, she will definitely show you the best of the city. The food section of her blog has definitely helped me a lot during these times.

Helena Glazer, from Brooklyn Blonde is also quite a fun person to follow. She is especially passionate about fashion, but will definitely show you around the best places to visit and explore in Brooklyn and New York as a whole. You can also follow her on Instagram.

Catherine Cohen has saved my Wednesday nights. She hosts Cabernet Cabaret, an amazingly funny comedy show every single Wednesday night, and it definitely cheered my week. I am not lying when I say I even added it to my Calendar. If you are looking for funny content from the New York comedy sphere, her Instagram is a gold mine. You can also check her website for further information.

Mandana Ansari has definitely been one of my favourites during these times, especially thanks to her mental health support and acceptance. She is really passionate about what she likes and she really does care. You should definitely have a look at her blog for a bit of everything, or follow her instagram for a really colourful feed.

Going back to laughing, Tracee Ellis Ross will never disappoint. She always has the best jokes, and her content will make your days more colourful. She is a wonderful, strong, funny woman that rates beautiful things. Go check her feed and enjoy.

Tracee Ellis Ross stars in The High Note as a legendary singer who is running out of ideas. Meanwhile, her personal assistant, played by Dakota Johnson, has too many.

NYC Food Coma. Pandemic has made me realise how much I love food, and Jessica has provided me with all the inspiration I needed. Check her wonderful lifestyle and blog for the best food spots and recipes from NYC. It will make you hungry, I can assure you. She is also an amazing food photographer.

Chrissy Rutherfood, a beautiful New York pisces, will bring some stability and inspiration from her Instagram. She has incredible style and her feed is just beautiful to look at.

John Henry, perfect if you are an entrepreneur or are interested in economy and business. He is especially active on twitter and will give you great tips and information about business. He is entrepreneur, investor, TV show host, real estate developer, vlogger, and podcast host, so you have a lot to choose from. He can also be found on Instagram if you are looking for shorter videos, or check his website.

Drew Jessup, have you ever dreamt of having a beautiful life in Brooklyn? Check Drew’s Instagram. I can tell you one thing: you will fall in love with his life in one single second. He is originally from Maine, and he is also the creator of the Bad Wolf Club and Project87.

Do you follow any other New Yorkers we should know about? Let us know in the comments… I am always in need of some new social media inspiration. And if you want to get updates from us on a regular basis, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We are also pretty funny, and definitely worth following!

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See you soon…