English Outdoors: Learn. Explore. Discover.


What our students say about us

I chose English Outdoors because it is a good mix between learning English and visiting Manhattan and Brooklyn. It is great to be outside and not always in a classroom, and it is also an opportunity to go to places where I maybe wouldn’t have been to without the school.

Cloé Dufour, France, 23

I absolutely would recommend it because you get to know the city better and discover really cool places. I would definitely do it again.

Kim Winkler, Germany, 18

I think English Outdoors is a wonderful idea to really live the city at its biggest potential. I loved how the locations were scattered around the city, it really gave me the opportunity to discover a lot of amazing new places and to enjoy the most famous ones (such as Union Square).

Alessia Romano, Italy, 22

I want to thank you so much as my stay in New York was a unique experience. Fantastic lessons and teacher, fantastic classmates, fantastic host family in a fantastic city!

Damiano Bianchi, Italy, 19

It was incredibly fun to have lessons in a market hall or in the foyer of a building complex. Very relaxed but serious learning atmosphere. Everything was easy to find, and the teachers were super nice and approachable. It was a great experience and I’d like to go again next year!

Oliver Luft, Germany, 44

This concept is perfect for students who want to enjoy sightseeing in NYC but don’t have enough time to do both studying and sightseeing. It was good environment to learn.

Satomi Mori, Japan, 36

English Outdoors

We can start conversation casually on the way to the location of the class. Also various places have different history and conditions which give us some stimulation.

Yusuke Hashimoto

You sometimes talk about the place where we are, the events that happen while we are here. We wouldn’t do that in a regular classroom.

Cloé Dufour

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Our Classes

I like the outdoors concept and it’s also important to mention that the book is really good and the TED talks are so interesting and helpful.

Vianeth Ruiz

The biggest reason why I like outdoor class is that we are able to talk about culture in the US. There are many types of people outside so we are able to ask the teacher quickly when we have questions.

Kan Motumora

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Our Teachers

Very good teacher, willing to help and give more explanations if needed and making sure everyone understands. I learned a lot of new expressions and vocabulary.

Cloe Dufour

My teachers are very nice, they always ask a lot of questions and we practice daily conversation. Their explanations are very easy to understand.

Rika Motumora

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Our Housing

I had the best host family you ever could wish. My host mum spent a lot of time to make everything clean, and the food was delicious! They are so nice when you arrive, it’s like I never left my home in Belgium.

Margot Maria Detavernier

My stay at Emily’s has been amazing. The house was clean, perfectly located next to the subway station, in a beautiful neighbourhood and very comfortable overall. The food was delicious and always diverse, tasty and balanced. But most of all Emily is the most kind, generous, funny, welcoming, friendly host ever.

Alessia Romano, Italy

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Our Junior Program

I liked that we visited the city while studying, and I now I can talk without thinking in Italian before.

Massimo Brozzi, Italy

Having lessons outside was great, it is a way to discover more about NYC and places we wouldn’t know without this class.

Emma Poulain, France

The concept is perfect to get to know the city and learn English at the same time. It‘s more fun to study outside, there is so much more to see than in a classroom.

Jelena Kalinovic, Switzerland

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Our Field Trips

I think field trips are a great addition to the “normal” classes to dive even more deeply into the city and its history and diversity.

Alessia Romano, Italy

I enjoyed the field trips. It was a very good time for me to walk in NYC and talk with my classmates and other students from other classes too.

Ichiha Okuya, Japan

The locations for the field trips were good. It’s a fun concept and more appealing than regular classes.

Florian Moussiet, France

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