As Winter approaches, New Yorkers are once again confronted with shockingly early sunsets and trains full of sniffling commuters. While heading home directly after work to hide under a blanket seems like the best option, there are other ways to embrace the coziest time of the year. Sip a hot toddy near a roaring fire, slurp some delicious soup in Chinatown, or wrap your hands around a mug of hot chocolate. To help you live up to your cozy potential, here’s a few places worth checking out:


Soup it Up


Skip the chicken-flavored instant ramen and catch the train to Chinatown to fulfill your soup dreams. You can’t go wrong with Little Sheep, a no-frills hot pot destination on Bowery. As the delicious soup broth simmers, fill the pot to your heart’s desire with an array of tasty vegetables (mini-corn for the win), thinly sliced meats, and slurp-worthy fresh noodles. As with fondue parties and smores around the fire, the more the merrier,  so wrangle up some of your soup-loving friends and get to cooking.





Cozy Up Near a Fire


Sipping cocktails near a roaring fire is one of many reasons why I could never live somewhere without seasons. While my TV occasionally functions as a singing fireplace, it doesn’t quite do the trick. For that good burning wood smell, make your way to Dynco in Bed-Stuy. There’s a cozy nook in the back of the bar with a retro fireplace and few comfy chairs. Drinks from the bar aren’t too pricey and the candle-lit atmosphere is a perfect retreat from the cold. (cash only)







Roast Some S’mores

If your idea of cozy is hanging out in a cabin and watching the windows freeze over, make your way to Camp in Cobble Hill. In addition to deer heads, Adirondack chairs chairs, and a roaring fire, they also offer a make-your-own S’mores kit. As your marshmallow turns a golden brown and the smell of melted chocolate fills the air, you’ll forget all about the cold. Drinks are on the cheap side and if you get a little hungry, you can order delivery to the bar (nearby Wingbar never fails to do the trick).





Chill Out to Some Jazz

📷 Steve Archbold

Instead of jostling your way through crowded music venues in the LES, catch the train up to Harlem to Minton’s Playhouse. A beacon for modern jazz legends of the past and a right of passage for today’s emerging musicians, the club is classy without the pretension and perfect for a chill evening out.





Nibble on Some Pastries

Entering Bakeri in Greenpoint is like walking into the fairytale version of a bakery. As soon as you walk through the doors, you’re greeted by the aromas of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls, and so much more. It’s the warm and cozy country home you never knew existed. The perfect atmosphere for dunking cookies and sipping hot chocolate.







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By Cory Keny