With the city at your doorstep, studying ESL in New York offers an unparalleled immersive language learning experience. To give our students the opportunity to fully soak in the culture and vibrancy of the city, we encourage our teachers to take to the streets and use the city as an invaluable resource for language learning. Here’s a few of our most recent classroom excursions:


Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

On a sunny fall day, five of our students set out on a scavenger hunt in historic  Brooklyn Heights. Tasks included asking locals what they liked most about living in the city, spotting architectural details, and picking up a red apple from the local farmers market. After having completed the hunt, a winner was declared and the students spent the rest of class on the steps of Borough Hall writing a postcard to a friend about their adventurous day out in Brooklyn.







Visit to a Lively Food Hall

Sure, you can talk about food in class until your stomach rumbles louder than a Boeing 747, but why not visit one of the city’s most bustling food courts to sample some of the local cuisine and and engage in a discussion about the tastes and smells that bring us the most comfort and joy? As well as learning sensory vocabulary, students got a chance to bond over some truly delicious eats from around the world.







Explore the Grounds of a Historic Island

For this particular excursion, our students caught a ferry to Governors Island, a cherished green space and respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Once there, students checked out immersive art installations, explored historic structures, and had a picnic overlooking The Statue of Liberty.  After lunch, students read about the impacts of noise pollution and discussed their favorite places to get away from it all.








Witness the Law in Action   

There’s no better way to study the U.S. Judicial System than to see it in action. For this trip, our students sat in on an arraignment hearing at the Brooklyn Criminal court. In addition to witnessing the law in full swing, students discussed the legal system and punishment in the state of NY. A great way to engage in debate and unique way to study ESL in New York!






Off to the Transit Museum

On this trip, students explored how the transport system in NYC has evolved over the years. While checking out the museum, students got to board some of the earliest trains, trollies, and busses that once cruised the streets and tunnels of the city. Students also made predictions about transport in the future and even learned a few travel idioms along the way!




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By Cory Keny