If you’ve ever wondered how in the hell people live in NYC without the bank funds of a Saudi prince, this post is for you. Let’s face it, New York doesn’t necessarily have a reputation for being affordable.The tab for a round of drinks at a rooftop bar will almost certainly cause mild to severe heart palpitations. However, it is still possible to have a good time in NY on a limited budget. Let’s see what we can do with a crisp $20 bill and a Metrocard.




Grab a Coffee and a Bacon Egg and Cheese


Thank the lord for Bodegas. Not only do they have what you want (mostly sandwiches and beer), they are also on nearly every corner and open til the wee hours of the night. This will be the first stop of the day. A hot coffee and a BEC sandwich will set you back $4. Worth every penny!








$16 Left

Off to the Brooklyn Museum

This is one of the few museums in the city that runs on a suggested donation price. That means for as little as $5 you can explore all five floors of this Brooklyn gem. Must-see works of art include ‘The Dinner Party’ by Judy Chicago, ‘Woman in Gray’ by Picasso, and ‘Napoleon Leading the Army over the Alps’ by Kehinde Wiley. Just don’t expect to see any special exhibits without paying full price.   




$11 Left


Dumpling Party

For your next stop, a train to Chinatown is in order. The destination is Shu Jiao Fu Zhou Cuisine, a hole in the wall Chinese spot with tasty pork-filled dumplings. Better yet, an order of six will only cost you a mere $2. Far less crowded than nearby Vanessa’s, you’ll be happy you made the trek.





$9 Left

Happy Hour

It’s time to wash those dumplings down with a cold beer and a shot of something clear. To get the best bang for your buck, it’s off to nearby 169 bar. This LES watering hole has just what you need, a $3 (+$1 tip) beer and a shot special from 12-7:30 PM every day of the week. Sit back, sip that cold beer, and admire the beautiful mess of decorations strewn across the entirety of this ‘New-Orleans style’ dive.







$5 Left


Admire the Sunset from Brooklyn Bridge Park 

Hop on the F train and make the short trip back into Brooklyn. Walk the winding paths of Brooklyn Bridge Park and soak up the beauty of the city. With stunning views of the skyline, Brooklyn Bridge, and Lady Liberty, this is truly one of the best parks in the city. If you happen to be there on the right night in the summer, you can also enjoy a free movie under the stars.




Pizza Pizza

📷 by Yvo Sin

Well, now that the night is coming to an end it’s probably best to get some food. A slice of pizza is certainly not a bad idea. Leave the park and make your way down Atlantic Avenue towards Court Street. Hang a left on Court and walk down until you reach My Little Pizzeria, a no-frills pizza joint serving up those iconic NY slices. A single slice of cheese and small soda will run you $4.






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By Cory Keny 

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