We have partnered with Foodstrolls to create a route in Brooklyn. I have personally only been in Brooklyn for 8 months, but the food is definitely one of the best things about this beautiful neighborhood. 

What is a foodstroll

A foodstroll is a wonderful way to connect food and places. It consists on buying food in a specific area and walking around, trying the local gastronomy while discovering its secrets!

Who is doing this foodstroll

At Brooklyn School of Languages, we aim not only to teach English but to show our students the real New York and its culture, which obviously includes its amazing food. That is why we would love to take you on a food stroll through Prospect Heights, one of the brightest places to be in Brooklyn at any time of the year. 

What this foodstroll is

A fun morning stroll on Vanderbilt Avenue that ends in a relaxing and beautiful walk on the west side of Prospect Park…

Why this foodstroll works

Prospect Heights is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Brooklyn, home of the stunning Brooklyn Museum or the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. The Prospect Park area was once inevitable because of its ponds and the spread of different diseases, but it is now the biggest park in Brooklyn, with a million things to discover, from the Vale of Cashmere to the beautiful boathouse and Picnic house… Also, it was designed by the same engineer that designed Central Park a few years earlier… which makes it an even more interesting place to explore.

  1. Little Cupcake Bakeshop

A cute and colorful place full of vegan options and delicious coffee. It is also not expensive compared to other places around. I had an americano to go and a vegan cupcake, 100% recommended!

  1. Maya Taquería

Mexican food is always a good choice for vegans. Beans and avocados are always the way to go. We tried their tacos with black beans, and they are incredible. We also tried their burritos before, and they are definitely perfect for a food stroll. Easy to pack and super tasty.

  1. American Vegan

Being vegan in Brooklyn is pretty easy thanks to places like this. If you want to try good American fast-food but you are a vegan, it is hard to find good prices and quality. But you can definitely find it here. We had their quinoa and Beyond burgers, and we also got 2 vegan cookies… that were incredible. But if you want fries, remember you have to ask for them. They are also super nice and fast.

  1. Ample Hills Creamery

We were so looking forward to this that we completely forgot to take pictures of the food. Luckily, we are only taking over this for one post! Ample Hills Creamery has the best ice-creams in NY. We tried the chocolate and vanilla. Always enjoying the classics!

The Stroll

Prospect Heights is thriving. And Vanderbilt Avenue is always our favorite place to go when it comes to food, but it is also a beautiful place to go on a walk. We started our stroll at Atlantic Avenue and walk all the way to Prospect Park through Atlantic Avenue. The street is full of cafes, bakeries, bistros, and creameries. Also, you should check Unnamable books, an amazing second-hand bookshop, and Fermented Grapes, our favorite wine shop in Brooklyn. 

Once we bought our food at the places above, we took it to Prospect Park, crossing the beautiful Grand Army Plaza and its striking Arch. Prospect Park is huge so you will have no problem to social distance. Our favorite path is right on the left side up to the empty pools, a perfect picnic place, and you can also go down the Vale of Cashmere and explore its magic pond. 

Check our wonderful video to see more…

You can check Foodstrolls for their interpretation of our trip!

Let us know in our comments what your favorite places in Brooklyn are. Tag us on social media to showcase them and tell us about the best foods you have tried in NYC #BSLFoodstroll.