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What to Do and See in Park Slope, Brooklyn

If you hear Park Slope mentioned in a sentence, it will probably fall somewhere between “stroller” and “brownstone.” Unlike Bushwick and other burgeoning hipster meccas, Park Slope isn’t trying to impress anyone. You won’t find factory raves or mixtape coffee shops. Instead, you’ll find gorgeous tree-lined streets, well-loved local hangouts, and green space for days. So if you’re looking for a casual day out in Park Slope, we’ve got some places for you to hang your hat:


Cafe Regular

Sip on a frothy cappuccino as you gaze out the window of this intimate cafe. Occupying the bottom floor of a picturesque brownstone, this is the ideal cozy spot to people-watch or just get lost in a book. Plus its off the beaten path location makes it feel like you’ve found a secret.






Community Bookstore

Sometimes a name says it all. Expect to find a well curated selection of new titles in this inviting mom and pop shop. If you’re lucky, you might just catch a glimpse of the house cat, the unofficial mascot and proud occupant of this neighborhood staple. A great pit-stop to make before heading up the slope to lounge under a leafy tree in Prospect Park, and read that brand new book.    




Palo Santo

Tucked under a brick townhouse on a peaceful side street, Palo Santo is about as close as you can get to actually eating in someone’s house in Park Slope. Whether you’re coming for a casual brunch or a romantic dinner, the tasty Latin-inspired menu, mellow atmosphere, and reasonable prix fixe menus will have you wishing you lived upstairs.


Nitehawk Cinema

Williamsburg’s cherished dine-in movie theater is setting up shop in Park Slope.  Occupying the former Pavilion Theatre, a historical gem of the neighborhood, moviegoers will be able to watch beloved cult classics and new releases in style. With an occupancy of 650 persons, you will have a better chance of catching a flick here than in their often sold-out Williamsburg location.





Mission Dolores

A beacon for the younger occupants of Park Slope, Mission Dolores is where you go to sip on frozen concoctions served from a slurpee machine. The semi-enclosed patio situation ensures that won’t get entirely cold or hot. With a great happy hour and a wide selection of beers to choose from, it’s the perfect place to catch up with friends or just pet a stranger’s fluffy dog.






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