English Outdoors: Learn. Explore. Discover.



Our English Outdoors concept is specifically designed to immerse students in NYC life and culture, giving students the unique opportunity to practice their English in authentic NYC settings. 

Our morning English classes take place in indoor and outdoor locations all over the city, allowing students to learn English and make the most of New York while enjoying the best views in the city.

The city becomes the classroom! Instead of being in a room with 4 walls, students learn in places such as Bryant Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Industry City, Essex Market, Central Park and more. 

Locations have been carefully chosen based on comfort, space, ease of access, points of interest close by, proximity of public restrooms, etc. Our class sizes have an average of 5-6 students. And in addition to completing book assignments, regular homework, and participating in pair work and discussion, just like in a regular classroom setting, students get the added bonus of a hands-on approach to learning about NYC.

This interactive classroom experience also includes regular educational and cultural field trips throughout the city including visits to museums, cultural centers, historic neighborhoods, historical landmarks, and more! 

By choosing English Outdoors, students can also make a positive impact on the environment, taking advantage of natural sunlight and airflow rather than being inside and using artificial light and AC! This makes our English language program the most sustainable, eco-wise choice for students.

  • A new and innovative way to learn English
  • An interactive classroom experience in truly authentic NYC settings
  • The city becomes your classroom!
  • The chance to discover NYC from a different perspective during your English classes
  • The opportunity to choose an eco-friendly English course, making the most of natural resources and light
  • A small ESL school in New York with a warm welcome and a friendly atmosphere
  • Morning English, Individual English tuition, and a Summer Junior Program.
  • Carefully selected great host families located in Brooklyn
  • Learn ESL in New York and be part of a real NYC Community!