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BSL instructors are all fluent speakers of English at a native level who push students to progress in their knowledge and understanding of the language as fast as possible. Every BSL instructor has–at a minimum–a Bachelor’s degree in TESOL, linguistics, or a related field, a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate, and at least two years of teaching experience at the post-secondary level. However, many of our teachers also hold a Master’s degree in TESOL, linguistics, or a related field with more than three years’ teaching experience.

Before selected to work at BSL, our teachers are first interviewed face-to-face by the Academic and Programs Manager and are then required to give a teaching demonstration class, thus ensuring they possess both the necessary teaching and native-level English language skills. Having highly qualified and experiences teachers is essential for students to achieve their language learning goals and to provide serious, dynamic instruction to all students. BSL also holds regular teacher development workshops as part of ongoing professional development to ensure that all instructors are given as much support as possible and that their teaching is the right balance between being dynamic and serious, thus ensuring that the school is able to fully carry out its Mission of providing serious, dynamic instruction to its students.

All of our teachers are trained to design lessons around their students’ interest, to make learning contextual, to keep their students motivated, and to build learner confidence. Our teachers’ diverse and innovative teaching methods create a modern and demanding learning environment where students learn quickly and thoroughly about all aspects of the English language.

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