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Terms & Conditions

All registrations are subject to the following conditions which become legally binding once the registration is confirmed by English Outdoors.

1. Registration and booking

All bookings submitted to English Outdoors (EO) are only accepted on receipt of written confirmation from EO or its authorized representative. A $300 deposit per student is payable at the time of booking (individual or group bookings) for English session only bookings, and $600 for English session + accommodation bookings. Payment in full must be received a minimum of 28 days before the session start date, or immediately in the event of late booking (bookings made within 28 days of the start date). All payments must be in U.S. dollars.

2. Cancellations and refunds

All cancellations must be made in writing and will be confirmed in writing by EO. Cancellations are subject to the following charges:

● For English sessions – full refund for cancellations made more than 7 days prior to arrival. A $300 administration fee will be charged thereafter. 

● For homestay accommodation – full refund for cancellations made more than 14 days before course start date. A $300 administration fee will be charged thereafter.

● For residence accommodation – full refund for cancellations made more than 28 days before course start date. A $300 administration fee will be charged thereafter.

● For cancellations, after the session has started, a pro-rated amount will be refunded.

Please note: refunds are calculated from the end of the last week the student attended sessions at the non-discounted rate. Pro-rated refunds will be calculated on a weekly basis.   

3. Visa support

Our adult English sessions and our junior summer camp can be followed on a tourist visa, or ESTA if applicable. Where relevant, English Outdoors will supply supporting documentation to help secure tourist visas for the U.S. pending eligibility requirements.

4. Alterations By the Student

Any alterations by the student must be confirmed in writing and EO will respond in writing. EO recommend students arrange full insurance cover against possible cancellation charges.

5. Reduction in hours

In the event that there are insufficient students to form an English session, EO reserves the right to offer individual sessions as an alternative. The sessions may be reduced as follows:

● Standard session (15 clock hours): reduced to 10 individual sessions (of 45 minutes in duration)

● Combined session (17.25 clock hours): reduced to 13 individual sessions (of 45 minutes in duration)

6. Sessions lost on bank holidays

Sessions falling on EO recognized holidays will not be made up.

7. Level of English

7.1 If a student does not have the minimum level of English required to join a specific session, as determined by the EO placement test, EO reserves the right to move the student to an appropriate group for their level.

7.2 The Summer Junior Camp has a minimum level requirement of pre-intermediate – students at beginner or elementary level cannot be guaranteed to join a group English session.

8. Airport transfers

Students must submit their flight details (airline name, arrival time, flight number and point of origin) and their contact cell phone number to the school at least 7 days before their departure/arrival. The student’s cell phone is used only for airport transfers in case the driver cannot find the student and has to get in touch with him/her. EO does not use students’ cell phone number for any other purpose. The school cannot be held liable for any extra charges if the student has not provided his/her contact cell phone number for airport transfers (if the student cannot find the driver and has to make his/her own way to his/her accommodation for example). If a flight is missed or delayed, the student must email the school immediately on info@englishoutdoors.org to let us know (emails are picked up everyday). The school cannot be held responsible if the airport transfer provider charges the student again for a new transfer.

9. Disciplinary and behavior issues

EO reserves the right to refuse or exclude any person at any time prior to or during the operational dates of the center if in the opinion of EO, that person is incompatible with the general well-being and safe running of the center. This includes, but isn’t limited to criminal, abusive or violent behavior, putting themselves or others at risk, use of alcohol by minors, use of illegal drugs, and refusal to follow the rules of the center. In this instance, no refund will be given and any costs incurred, including damages, will be passed on to the student or their parents/guardians, including any repatriation costs.

10. General

10.1 Arrangements and outlines in EO publicity materials are given in good faith. However, courses, activities and timetables may be subject to change for reasons of safety, or in the event of unsuitable weather conditions or other factors, which may arise beyond our control. EO reserve the right to change the particularities of courses, including changes to English sessions, venues, facilities or dates of programs where circumstances beyond our control necessitate such changes or where the level of bookings received does not reach the minimum number required to operate a course viably. In this event, EO shall either provide comparable services or refund such part of that service which relates to the change. In either case, EO’s liabilities shall cease and clients shall have no other or further claim against EO.

10.2 EO reserves the right, by giving notice to clients at any time before the start date, to increase the price of the services being provided to reflect any increase in costs to EO, which is due to factors beyond EO’s control, such as, without limitations, significant increase in accommodation costs, transport costs, labor costs etc. EO does not accept liability for personal injury or the death of any student unless caused by the proven negligence of BSL or its servants.

10.3 Provision by EO of the services outlined in this document and other promotional material, is dependent on receipt of a completed liability disclaimer form, health information sheet and the student’s acceptance of the various rules imposed by EO.

10.4 Any complaints against any aspect of the services provided by EO should be addressed in the first instance to the local representative on site. In the event that the matter is not resolved, the client or his agent should make an immediate complaint in writing to EO’s main office. All complaints will be investigated by the school and may be subject to an appropriate refund provided that the complaint is deemed to be valid, the complaint received within one month of the end of the course and that all fees and costs associated with the booking had been settled in full as laid out in the details above.

  Complaint Procedure

11. Approval to use image, video & and printed material

EO may take photographs and/or videos during the stay for promotional purposes. By agreeing to appear in any photographs/videos, the student agrees that EO may use these images to promote their products and surrenders any right to royalties. To request that a specific image be removed from the public domain because it is felt inappropriate, students must contact EO in writing.

12. Liability and Force Majeure

EO does not accept any liability for the loss of damage of any property belonging to students. EO accepts no responsibility for losses or additional expenses in the event of cancellation (whether whole or part) or change due to acts, omissions, or accidents beyond the reasonable control of EO, including, without limitations, delays in travel services, obligatory compliance with any government order, rule, direction or regulation, an Act of God, riots and/or civil commotion, war or hostilities, acts of terrorism, invasion, explosion, accident, fire, flood, lightning, storm, illness, widespread disease or infection.E