Whether you’re a certified organic vegetarian or just looking to curb your meat sweats for the day, there are many satisfying vegetarian and vegan options in NYC. Make it rain falafel, dive into an Ethiopian feast, or sink your teeth into a mouth-wateringly delicious burger. Here are some of our favorite places to veg out:




What’s for Breakfast?

Hummus Market , Williamsburg


If you haven’t had Shakshuka yet, do yourself a favor and pop into the Hummus Market for a delicious rendition of this Mediterranean classic. Served in a cast iron skillet, two poached eggs float atop a rich and perfectly spiced tomato sauce. The inviting outdoor garden is the ideal setting to fall in love with your new favorite dish.








Lunch Time

Superiority Burger, East Village


This compact vegetarian fast food joint serves up some seriously delicious burgers and sides. Say goodbye to the freezer burnt veggie patties of yesteryear. Instead, find yourself at the end of one of the most flavorful and well seasoned veggie patties in the city. I usually opt for the sloppy dave, a spicy meatless sloppy joe topped with frizzled onions and served on a fluffy sesame bun.








Taim, West Village


While there are many falafel joints in the city, Taim has won me over time and taim again.The Harissa Falafel sandwich is the perfect medley of Tunisian spices, smooth hummus, fresh Israeli salad, pickled cabbage, and rich tahini. The sandwiches are filling and reasonably priced to boot.








Dinner is Served

Bunna Cafe, Bushwick


An Ethiopian feast awaits you at Bunna cafe. If you’re new to Ethiopian food, consider Bunna your one stop destination. Enjoy a delicious array of flavorful stews and vegetable heavy dishes. Served on a traditional sourdough flatbread, Injera, the Feast offers diners the best of Bunna. No need need for a fork or knife either, simply break off a piece of bread and get to scooping. My favorite dish is by far the Misir Wot,  a stew of red lentils cooked in a 🌶️ barbecue sauce.





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By Cory Keny