It’s two months until your big presentation at work. You’ve just discovered that it has to be given in English. You begin to feel like all the English you know is slowly morphing into an indistinguishable blob of prepositions, verb tenses, and, idioms. Fear not! BSL is here to help. Whether you want to be able to give a flawless speech, pitch a business plan, construct the perfect CV, read your favorite book in English, or simply make new friends without any awkward pauses, our individual training offers an unparalleled learning experience. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider taking private English classes in New York at BSL:

1.You Have a Specific Learning Aim


Private lessons are ideal for students who want to devote their time to a specific topic. In the past, we’ve helped students prepare for university lectures, job interviews, article submissions, the IELTS and TOEFL tests, and so much more. We make sure to tailor our lessons to meet your personal needs whether you’re focused on accent reduction, accuracy in writing, and everything in between.  


2.You Have a Busy Schedule

Let’s say you spend your mornings in the office or taking your kids to school. We work around your schedule to ensure you get the most out of your time. Can’t make it one day of the week? No problem! We can always reschedule your missed lessons.  


3.Individual Attention and a Quieter Learning Environment


A private class is the best way to ensure that you have the teacher’s undivided attention. No need to raise your hand or talk over your classmates, the floor is yours. This means you can accomplish more in a shorter period of time and you won’t have to repeat things you’ve already learned. We always place students with the right teacher based on academic needs, learning styles, and personality. It’s important for us to create a positive learning atmosphere.

4. You  Want to Study More

A lot of our students take a group class in the morning and private English classes in New York in the afternoon. This extra class time could be used to practice your speaking skills or get some extra help with tricky grammar points. Just tell us what you would like to focus on and we’ll make it happen. In addition, students who take both group and individual lessons tend to progress at a faster rate. As they say, practice makes perfect.

5. You Control the Pace

Because you are the only student, you can move from one subject to another with ease. You can always ask the teacher to switch the focus of your lesson to achieve new objectives. So no matter what your learning style is, we will make sure to reach your specific learning goals.

Here’s What Our Former Students Had to Say:

“My teacher always prepared various lessons which focused on my needs. She was very supportive and she understood all my problems. I’m very satisfied.”-Miriana Pession, Italy, April 2018


“I’m back from my trip and wanted to thank you again for your help during the last few month of preparation. The lecture series last week went very well thanks to you! It’s been a great pleasure and honor to work with you Lauren and with the rest of the staff in Brooklyn School of Languages, I loved the atmosphere of the school, the dynamic feel and the rare professionalism! “  -Noa Hazan, Israel, December 2018


“My teacher probably became my  loved teacher. I’m looking forward to taking more class with her. She opened my eyes on issues with pronunciation that provide misunderstandings. It was really good. She is very dynamic, friendly and clear, keeping the student’s attention. She prepared always various lessons which focused on my needs. She was very supportive and she understood all my problems. She used a lot of aids to make me understand the lesson. I’m very satisfied. She helps me a lot. She is brave and energetic.”-Dmitri Volkovv, Russia, July 2018


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