Forget what you’ve heard about NYC’s expensive and exclusive culinary scene. With a few bucks in hand, you too can indulge in some truly delectable treasures. Let’s see what’s on the menu!


First stop, Pizza

There is nothing more iconic than a NYC slice of pizza. With an average slice costing around $3, it’s the perfect treat to sate your midday appetite or satisfy your late night cravings. My favorite place to grab a slice is Bleecker Street Pizza, a cherished institution located on a busy corner in Greenwich Village. You have to order the Nona Maria pie,  made with fresh mozzarella, basil, and an ever-so-perfect garlicky marinara sauce. Don’t forget to fold your slice New York style!



Dumplings for Days

Many New Yorkers claim to have lived off a diet of  dumplings at some point during their NY lifetime.  With an order of 4 dumplings coming in at under $3, there is a reason why so many  flock to Vanessa’s Dumpling House. Personally, I’m a fan of the classic chive and pork fried dumplings. There are three locations in the city, but their Williamsburg location is the least crowded, meaning you can sit in peace and enjoy your dumpling feast. I highly recommend getting a crisp yet doughy sesame pancake to complete your order.


Falafel Fever

I have a special place in my heart for OASIS falafel. Situated right off the Bedford stop in Williamsburg, this no-frills Middle Eastern joint has somehow escaped the grip of gentrification, making it  one of the last few remaining affordable lunch options in trendy Williamsburg. A falafel sandwich will run you $6. The service is friendly, the falafel is excellent, and they even take credit cards! So, skip the overpriced ramen burger and come here.



Tasty Tacos

I’ve never met a person who doesn’t enjoy a good taco. They always seem to hit the spot. Whether from a truck under the JMZ trains or a hole in the wall in Queens, they rarely disappoint. Brooklyn’s Sunset Park has long been a destination for those seeking an authentic Mexican taco with all the proper garnishes. I personally recommend checking out Tacos El Bronco on 4th Ave in Brooklyn. Their tacos are delicious and they have nearly 20 different varieties to choose from.With tacos ranging from $1.50- $4, they are a true bang for your buck.


A  Global Food Tour

Head to the Queens International Night Market for an unforgettable culinary trip. This free-to-enter outdoor food bazaar in Queens is the perfect place to go for affordable and eclectic bites. Not only is there a wide selection of dishes, they all cost under $6. With snacks from around the world, you will assuredly be able to find what you’re craving.



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By Cory Keny