Ready to get back into the classroom, but not sure where to start? Brooklyn School of Languages offers a variety of high-quality English courses for adults in New York, and other academic support for anyone who wishes to improve their command of English. Whether you’re a high-powered business professional, or taking a career break, on a short vacation, or a recent high school graduate, to help you make the right choice, here’s a run down of all the classes we offer at BSL:


(20 lessons per week – 15 hours)

The Standard English Course for adults of all levels focuses on learning through real-life communication inside and outside of the classroom through everyday situations, interesting contexts, and a variety of material. This course is ideal for students who would like to improve all four skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) and grammar, engage with their peers in a classroom setting, and still have time to explore New York City on their own or with classmates in the afternoon. This course is available for students who have a tourist visa.


(22 lessons per week – 17 hours)

The Semi-Intensive English course is similar to the Standard English Course, but includes two additional 1-hour conversation classes each week focusing on New York City-themed topics for all students at a pre-intermediate level or above.

This course is recommended for students who want all the benefits of a general, integrated skills English course, in addition to more opportunities to practice their fluency, pronunciation, and overall conversation skills while learning more about the city. Since the afternoon class is conversation-based, students are informally assessed on an on-going basis through class discussions, oral presentations, debates, class polls/surveys, interviews, role-playing, etc. This course is available for students who have a tourist visa.


(30 lessons per week – 22.5 hours)

The Intensive English course is specifically designed for students who wish to progress at a quicker pace through a more full-time course than the Standard English Course. This is a perfect course for students wishing to take the general program in the morning, supplemented by 10 additional lessons each week in the form of academic electives focused on a specific subject. This course is available for students who have an F1 Student visa.


(22 lessons per week – 17 hours)

Students in class

The Business English Course is suited for all upper-intermediate and advanced level professionals from recent college graduates to seasoned executives looking to improve workplace performance through English. This multi-skilled course provides authentic practice for students who need to develop their English speaking and communication skills in a professional context. This course is available for students who have a tourist visa.


(23 lessons per week – 17.25 hours)

If you are looking for a general morning English course for adults in New York, as well as individual, specialized attention from an instructor in the afternoon, this is the course for you. The Combined English Course consists of the morning Standard English Course, in addition to individual lessons, which focus on the student’s areas of weakness as well as their areas of interest. This course is available for students who have a tourist visa.



We offer Individual English language lessons for personal and/or professional objectives. As each student has their own requirements and goals, we will discuss these with the student and tailor an English language program to suit their personal needs. 


Don’t have time to take class during the day? We offer engaging and dynamic English courses in the evening. Our conversational approach will get you speaking confidently in no time. Classes are capped at 12 students(average is 5), ensuring an intimate learning experience. This course is ideal for students who are working during the day, but still wish to achieve English fluency.


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